Wood Shutters for Our Lakeside Home

My wife and I bought a piece of property next to a lake a few years ago. Last year we had a cottage built on the property. We replaced the aging boat dock, and now have a really nice lakeside home. It is perfect for the two of us and our three pups. In picking out items to decorate it, we really liked the look of the wood shutters from Orange County Blinds. They are custom made for each window. They are installed on the inside, and you have louvered slats that open and close to control light and privacy. You can also swing them wide open.

We really like the house to be filled with light during the day, but we like full privacy at night. The wood shutters are great for this. We swing them open in the morning in the dining nook off from the kitchen. It really brightens up the area. The window faces east over the lake, and we sit and watch the sun rise over the horizon while we eat breakfast. Read the rest of this entry »


Simple Ideas to Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Routine


A carpet cleaning routine benefits each and every home. However, once you’ve implemented the basics, you can set up your carpet cleaning process by adding a few items onto your checklist. Here we’ll start with the basics, and show you what to add to make your home look and feel the best.

  1. Vacuuming like a Pro

 The first step in carpet care should always be vacuuming. This step prolongs the life of your carpet by reducing dust and preventing buildup in the fibers. For large areas, mentally divide the carpet into sections. As you slowly go over each section, look for trouble areas that may need more attention. For high traffic areas, vacuum in a criss cross pattern to catch the maximum amount of dirt and debris. To eliminate odors, add baking soda to your vacuum canister, or a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the filter. Now when you vacuum, your whole home will smell fresh!

  1. Expertly Clean Spills

 Spills are inevitable. However, they do not have to ruin or shorten the life of your carpet. Regardless of the type of spill, clean it as soon as it comes to your attention. Teach children to alert you when they make a mess, and use the opportunity to educate them on proper cleaning techniques. Blot or scrape as much as possible prior to applying a chemical cleaner. Make sure not to rub as this motion causes spreading. Also, work from the outside of the stain inwards. By doing so, you keep the stain contained as you work.

  1. Shampooing

 During the life of your carpet, it will need to be shampooed at least once a year. The necessary frequency depends greatly on your lifestyle. Look for signs that it needs to be deep cleaned such as texture or color differences, soiled circles around furniture, and dust clouds. In addition to the normal shampooing steps, add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the cleaning solution. This natural ingredient will soften your carpets as they are cleaned. Fluff the carpet and ventilate the area to speed drying. Also, do not walk on the carpet until it is fully dried.

  1. Set a Schedule

Often, the task of carpet cleaning slides to the back of our to do lists. We over look it a necessary task and say we’ll get to it another day. Avoid this by setting a carpet cleaning schedule and sticking to it! Vacuuming should be done at least weekly and perhaps daily for high traffic areas. Once a month, go around baseboards and other hard to reach places with your crevice tool. Schedule a deep cleaning such as shampooing or steaming annually, or semi-annually depending on your lifestyle and demands placed on your carpet.

By adding these simple, extra steps to your carpet cleaning routine, you will increase the life of your carpet and can go longer before replacing it. Your carpet will look and feel amazing. Don’t be alarmed when your friends and neighbors want to come lay on it all day!


Clever Ways to Save Money on Waste Collection in Greenwich  


Greenwich is not the cheapest area for living and some of the costs there can surprise you. But there are things that you can save money on if you take a more practical approach. Say, for instance, waste collection. You can spend much less money on that if you just learn to handle your own junk. There are many things you can do to actually make a profit from your rubbish in Greenwich instead of losing money over waste disposal. And here are some of those methods:

  • Reuse

Many people ignore the need to reuse their items simply because by the time they think about rubbish removal, they consider them as too old to be reused. But there is no such thing. If you want to reuse something, its age is irrelevant. You can repurpose just about anything. Old tyres can become garden decor, paper can be made into living room decorations, and even the dreaded plastic bottles can find a place in your home – as pots, planters, or creative DIY figurines. Imagination is the limit here.

  • Have a Yard or Garage Sale

Making a profit out of your old items is also a possibility in Greenwich. After the house clearance is over and you are standing with the heaps ready for rubbish disposal, instead of calling the company, arrange them in your yard or garage and then send out some flyers to advertise your garage sale. Put a cheap price and get ready to see how many people will come to literally pay you to rid you of yourwaste. Just don’t haggle and everything will be gone very soon and you will be a few quid richer.

  • Sell or Donate

And when you have no other options and the items you want to get rid of are still good for use, simply donate. Homes will be thankful to get your old clothes or furniture. Same goes for toys. You can go out and check out for thrift stores and flea markets in Greenwich and see what they offer or rather, what they are willing to give. Don’t haggle too much here as well if you are bent on getting rid of something – it’s always better to sell something cheap than pay for its waste collection.

  • Use a Good Company

And, of course, you always have the option of using a capable and affordable rubbish clearance company in Greenwich. They will have the right prices for you and they will have special deals as they usually do. Simply check in with them by phone or on their website and see what they have in store for you. Get the service that you most like and then turn what was going to be a big loss into a minor pouch pinch.

Think about all these methods and if nothing works, then simply turn to the last option for everything you didn’t manage to get rid of. The company won’t say no to you and they will always have an eco-friendly solution to your problems with rubbish. Trust in the good service.






Home Improvement Is Never Simple, Don’t Deal with It on Your Own!

Whenever you are trying to cope with the improvement of your house, no matter how simple it is, it is highly recommended for you to get the help from the professional service. Perhaps, at this point, you are wondering why it is like that. Isn’t it better to deal with the stuffs on our own especially for the simple ones? Getting the help from the professional service will only cost money and it’s not good.

Well, first thing first, when it comes to home improvement, there’s no such thing as simple improvement. Even though it seems simple, in reality, it’s not. There are so many aspects involved in any kind of home improvement like aesthetics, comfort, mix and match, functionality, and many others. For ordinary, those things are quite overwhelming. Even for the improvement involving siding, it can blow your mind away. You may find that the siding doesn’t fit with the frame, the result isn’t even, and many other bad things. That’s why it’s highly recommended for you to get the professional service. If we take siding matters as our example, the help from professional siding contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan like the one offered by HomeWorkBrand.com can really be the greatest alternative for you. One thing for sure is the fact that the result is going to be so satisfying.

Everything is perfect. And as the result, the quality and the value of your house is going to be boosted as well. True, the siding can really give such great impact. And above all, as the owner of the house, such contractor assistance will guarantee your pleasure and joy whenever you are spending at home. For your information, this service can also handle siding matters not only for the house but also for the other kinds of structure. In other words, as long as it’s related to siding, this service is unbeatable.


No More Trouble with Heating System

Have you ever had any trouble related to the heating system of your house? For you who have ever experienced it, you must have understood how troublesome the situation can actually be. Yes, there will be so many horrible conditions caused by such situation especially if the timing is not right.

Let’s just take the example of how you figure out that your heating system of the house is having problem during winter. This is going to be so horrible for you. Winter nowadays is so terrible. The cold is really freezing and you can’t expect to survive even just a day without anything to warm you. In other words, the existence of the heating system is really crucial during such moment. Whenever you figure out that your heating system is having problem, you really need to get the perfect assistance and you need to do it as quick as possible. You can expect such awesome satisfaction if you use the help from the professional like what you can get from MVHR heat recovery London. This service is really perfect for you who live in London or the areas nearby. We are talking about such a fantastic service here which can really take care of any situation related to heating system here.

With such help, you don’t need to wait for a long time before the heating system can be recovered properly and thus, you can start enjoying warm condition again at home. MVHR heat recovery Essex can also be the alternative for you who live in such area. Both services are just the same. They are all capable of providing perfect, accurate, and fast service to make sure that everything related to the heating system can be handled properly. Get the service mentioned before as soon as possible so you will not be troubled by the situation that happens to your heating system.

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