5 Common Design Mistakes

Design is what makes a house into a home. Much like art, interior design can be completely subjective. An individual can make their house into whatever they want. This list is not meant to point out any individual’s design aesthetic as being “wrong.” Rather, it is my hope, with this list that anyone hoping to improve their space will do so with these guidelines in mind.

Invest in a Test!

Test your paint before applying it to any room! The color of the paint in the can is not necessarily the color you will see once it is applied to the walls. It is essential when painting a new room to apply the paint to a portion of the wall and allow it to dry before continuing. Often, you can buy sample sizes of the color you want, so you can test with a small amount before buying a large can of paint. This small extra step requires very little effort but will pay off in the long run. By testing the paint before painting one can save money and time.


Most of the time, matching is essential when designing a room. Having a similar color palette can bring a cohesive look to your design. But be wary of over matching. By bringing pattern or a colorful accent to a space, one can bring about dimension to an otherwise flat design. Instead of using furniture with the same pattern and color, consider using furniture with similar colors and unique patterns. Adding uniquely patterned throw pillows or a bouquet of flowers is a great way to add character to a space without making it seemed excessive.

More Does Not Always Equal Better

While it is important to add personal touches to a space, it is equally as important to not go overboard. When adding personal trinkets or things with sentimental value it is important to make sure the space does not seem overcrowded. If you are at risk of overcrowding your space, consider creating storage for sentimental keepsakes and rotating the objects throughout the year. This gives your space a fresh design every couple months and showcases your personality.

Measure, Measure, and Measure again!

One of the most common mistakes encountered when redesigning a space is buying furniture that does not fit the room you have. There is no worse feeling than measuring your room and buying the properly sized furniture only to realize it won’t fit through the door! This is why it is essential to not only measure the room, but also the doorways and entrances.

All of the Lights

Natural lighting is an extremely appealing feature to any house, but it is also important to consider the light fixtures you are including when designing a space. Dimmers are a useful tool for properly lighting a room. Adding dimmers to your lights allows you to control the light within your space. Rather than having two options of pitch black or glaringly bright, dimmers allow for a plethora of options. Lamps are also great pieces that can be added to spaces where additional light might be needed.

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