A Guide To Choosing Contemporary Furniture

In recent years a trend for contemporary furniture has developed across the home design market. With a growing number of brand name stores offering unique pieces as a part of their range, and more boutique stores emerging, it is hard not to notice the high number of contemporary items available. From items that gently add an edge to your current home themes, to wild pieces that make a statement, you will find you are spoiled for choice when it comes to contemporary furniture shopping. Regardless of what your tastes are, it is possible to incorporate a contemporary theme into your home.

Before choosing your furniture, you need to consider your color scheme. If you prefer gentler tones, such as pastels and creams, you should aim for items that are dark, bright, or sharp in order to make them stand out from the color scheme you have chosen. For example, if you have multiple beige tones, you will find that sharp whites and edgy blacks work well with your usual style. If you already have an edgy color scheme in place, you will still be able to choose contemporary furniture that suits your sense of style. If your home already features bright colors like ruby red or lime green, you can either choose items that clash in terms of color, or you can choose pieces that are patterned. Clashing, aka color blocking, works far better with furniture than it does with clothing. In addition to this, choosing patterns such as bright florals or animal prints will give your home a funky and contemporary vibe.

Next, you need to focus on whether you are purchasing contemporary furniture for practical purposes, or for show. While the idea of purchasing furniture ‘for show’ may seem a little strange to some, it is a great alternative to using ornaments in order to decorate your home. In terms of practicality, you can choose bucket chairs, beds with unique shapes, or coffee tables made from unique materials like bamboo, and much more. If you are aiming for an ornamental effect, you may find that you choose an item made from glass, but only use it occasionally.

Finally, you need to consider what your budget is and whether it will stretch to other pieces of contemporary furniture that you have just bought. While many items will act as fantastic statement pieces on their own, others are designed to complement your home as part of a set. Regardless of what you choose, you can incorporate contemporary furniture from Barker and Stonehouse into your home and ensure it makes the most of your current design.

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