Every tool has its job to do.

Tools are purpose built, they each have a specific application. They are designed with only their purpose in mind.

The ‘rule of the golden hammer’ or the ‘law of the instrument’ demonstrates this perfectly. The golden hammer is an over-reliance on a particular tool, and the belief that a single tool can be used widely, for more than just the specific purpose it was designed. For example, if the only tool you use is a hammer, you will treat everything as though it were a nail. It is easy to fall into this trap while building, and it can have disastrous consequences. There are tools that you have never even heard of that might cut your labour time in half through efficient design.

That means that you can never substitute one for another. The tools that you will need for your project or your renovation will depend on your plans. In addition to the twenty or so basic tools, you may also need a variety of specialist tools. To find out what you will need, take your plans into a hardware shop like Sunlite Mitre 10 and consult with a professional in there about what you need. You can also rent tools that you think you’ll only need once.

Remember, tools can be expensive, but don’t settle for the worst quality just because they happen to be the cheapest. You need tools of good quality, that will last a lifetime. Your work is only as good as the tools it was carried out with. Ask about comparisons between different brands of tool.

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