Get Protected From Invisible Health Dangers

According to EPA, an environmental protection agency of US, people generally spend more than 90% of their time while they are indoors and with that much of the time they spend at home, they are much vulnerable to the health hazards caused by many types of virus and other tiny and invisible particles. Indoor air pollution, according to the EPA is ranked amongst top 5 environmental threats to the people and this is identified as a leading risk to the human health in recent times. According to their estimate, the indoor pollution level is about 5 times higher than the outdoor pollution level.

The air quality of your home is getting deteriorated day by day due to the way we construct our homes. Homes of these days are much tighter and sealed and there is a less chance of air ventilation. The air inside our home remains warm during winter and cool during summer. Tough the tight homes these days have become more efficient to energy; they also lock in many types of allergens, infectious agents as well as toxins. In order to reduce or eliminate the inhaling of these dangerous agents, EPA has suggested a proper ventilation of your home with the use of indoor air quality equipment that bring in fresh air and purifies polluted air. Precision Heating And Indoor Air Quality Inc. is a quality HVAC contractor in Warrenton, the state of Oregon. For more than 15 years, the company has been dedicated in providing the people residing in Warrenton and its surroundings with the solutions of finest indoor climate control. The high quality services it offers include the following:

  • Free diagnosis advice over the phone
  • Furnace sales, service & repair
  • Heat Pumps
  • Duct cleaning of the furnace.

Precision Heating And Indoor Air Quality Inc. is the specialist in home heating and cooling all across Warrenton and near locations. Apart from being specialized in furnace installation & repair, it also provides the servicing of all the aspects related to your HVAC unit and equipment. Whether you want to get your AC unit inspected or repaired or if you want to get installed new furnace, they are able to complete your project within the specified time. It offers the services in a few hours, irrespective of the person being a commercial or residential customer. All work they provide has a fixed and flat rate that is extremely competitive in the market.

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