How to Make Your Summer Garden Bursting

Are you wondering why flowers in your garden do not bloom well in summer? Do you want to make your garden bursting this summer? Well, having a blooming flowers garden surely makes people happy because the colors of the blooming flowers look really beautiful. You and your loved ones can sit on a garden bench to enjoy the sceneries. Unfortunately, many homeowners cannot have such happy experience because their flowers do not bloom in summer. This sometimes makes homeowners feel down hearted. In fact, there are ways to make your garden bursting this summer.

First of all, you need to plan ahead. In this case, you should start your preparation in spring. After you have chosen your favorite summer garden design, you must choose the right summer plants. Some flowers to consider include begonias, marigolds, petunias, and poppies. You can also opt for edible plants like beans, peas, and potatoes. These plants should be planted as complement plants to your existing garden. Next, you need to add mulch to your soil now. This effort is intended to help soil hold water later in summer. Water in soil can be scarce in summer. Unless you make an effort to preserve them within the soil, your plants will not get enough water. You can also spread compost to fertilize the soil.

Then, you must water your plants appropriately. Some people might think that because it is summer, they must water their plants as much as possible. In fact, this is wrong. The focus of your watering is to hydrate your plants. You should give a good soak and then let the plants for a while.  Once they become a bit dehydrate, you can rehydrate them completely. You should also make sure that you water the soil, not the leaves. Watering the leaves will make them damp whereas damp leaves are prone to fungal.

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