Making the Big Move to a New Career Locale – One Essential Preparation

Congratulations!  Your employer has decided that you are the perfect person to run the new branch office they are opening this coming year.  Naturally that good news comes with a big promotion and an increase in salary and benefits commensurate with your new status and responsibilities.  There may be a few upheavals in your life like relocation, new schools for the kids, finding the right home for your family, learning a new community and customs, etc.  And while you don’t know or speak their language, it might be worthwhile to understand and communicate in their tongue even if it wasn’t required as a stipulation of your new promotion.  While preparing for the big move it might be a good idea to take a few Rosetta Stone online courses in the local language.  You can use a Groupon promotion to get $100 off the price of Rosetta Stone courses from the first to the fifth levels in the language of your choice.


Sounds like a fantasy?  Don’t believe it for a minute.  As our world economy becomes more global in nature, the number of opportunities that may require one to relocate and become part of a society with diverse customs and different languages grows daily.  Today individuals who lead corporations and religions are frequently fluent in more than just their native tongues.  Such an ability makes one more marketable to potential future employers.  Indeed, the time is rapidly coming when knowing more than one language may be as expected as we today expect people to understand basic mathematics and science.  Therefore, it is to your benefit to learn a foreign language.  As we see major economies in South America, the Far East and Africa expand it becomes more essential for businesses and politicians to be able to communicate in multiple languages.  This fact is evident when you see signs in three or more different languages in terminals, stations and major stores, or when you see a political campaign in which a candidate’s selling point is his or her ability to speak other languages.  When we face our world today we see that our future welfare may depend upon our ability to communicate.


The chance to learn a new language in a reasonably short period of time makes it even more desirable to make use of the Groupon coupon for language courses.  Consider it to be a long-term investment in both your personal career and future, as well as one that can greatly expand your horizons.

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