Marco Nordio: What Traits Make Great Team Players?

Putting together the right team is an important element of success for construction project managers like Marco Nordio. Certain traits are required in team members to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the precise specifications outlined by architects and designers. Some of the most important characteristics of key employees include the following:

• Meticulous attention to detail can prevent variances from the established plan and can ensure fewer errors during the construction process.
• Personal initiative and a drive for success can provide the motivation to excel and achieve more on the worksite.
• Organizational skills are required to create functional workflows and to manage supply chain issues in a proactive and effective way.
• Integrity and accountability can ensure a more productive use of company time and resources.
• Creativity and a spirit of innovation can inspire exceptional marketing campaigns and allow greater penetration into the local and global real estate communities.
• Leadership skills can allow supervisors and managers to deal with ongoing challenges and issues that arise in the course of construction and planning.
• Flexibility is required to adjust plans and to adapt to changing conditions and supply chain requirements.

Creating a strong team dynamic can be the key to creating a successful enterprise in the fields of construction, project management and architectural design. By choosing individuals who embody these essential traits and allowing them to work together in an organic and unforced way, top-line executives and managers can ensure a greater degree of productivity and profitability in the modern real estate marketplace.

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