New Deck Turns Bland Yard Into Lavish Retreat

After enduring a seemingly endless winter, my wife and I emerged from the season eager to transform our yard from a bland, grassless expanse of space to an outdoor paradise. Of course, there were many elements we thought about adding to the back yard, but the one aspect we both agreed on was a new deck.

We both wanted to create a deck that had enough room for a table and chairs as well as a few rocking chairs or a bench or two. We also wanted open space for planters and decor. After we started a bit of research, we learned that there are several options to consider when it comes to deck products.

As a Baby Boomer, I’m certainly not getting any younger. So my primary concern was the longevity of the deck and how much maintenance was required. My wife’s concerns were more about aesthetics: She wanted a high-end look with unique stain options.

We discovered that both our requirements could be met with the same product: Armadillo Decking from Rhino Decking. We heard about this composite decking product through some friends of ours who were extremely pleased with their new deck, which is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material.

I loved the durability of the decking. My wife loved the beautiful colors and the look of the product. She was able to choose from a variety of colors, including painted desert, driftwood, foxtail, tumbleweed, canyon grey and rustic red. One of the mottos used by the company to describe their product is “easy on the eyes yet tough as nails.” The combination of a high-quality and low-maintenance product with a beautiful appearance made happy customers out of both us.

After getting the Rhino Deck material, we had our contractor get started on building our new deck. Within a few days we had a beautiful retreat that was everything we could have dreamed of and more. Next came the fun part: We went shopping for outdoor furniture, which made my wife’s day. We finally settled on a wrought iron set that will endure the weather well. My wife also found two comfy rockers that I cannot wait to try out this spring.

In addition to our deck, we plan on seeding the yard and planting some new flowers around the deck. We also plan to construct a brick walkway from the deck to the driveway. We might even add a gazebo where we can enjoy a bit of shade and perhaps a cocktail or two.

In the meantime, we’re enjoying relaxing on our new deck while we plan the rest of our yard. I’ve made it a morning habit to bring my coffee outside to enjoy as I kick back in one of the rocking chairs. I wish we had done this years ago.

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