Part Exchange

If you’re an existing homeowner, your next home move could take longer than you expect as you try and find a buyer for your old home.

With a property to sell and looking for a home to buy, you are then placed into a property chain, where your home move depends on both the people above and below you making a swift and easy move.

If any sales in your chain fall through, you could find your move held up and a great deal of expense that you weren’t expecting.

But there may now be an answer, with new homes.

Many homebuilders now offer part-exchange schemes, where they will “buy” your home from you when you buy one of their new homes.

This saves you the stress of advertising and selling your old home. If you buy new with part exchange, you avoid chains at either end of your sale.

With part exchange, usually the homebuilder will organise one or two independent valuations of your property. As long as it is only worth a certain percentage of your new home, you will be eligible for part exchange. The builder will then handle the marketing and sale of the home on your behalf.

Many house-builders now have a part exchange scheme, but they do vary from company to company, although always along a similar line.

And at the end, you have a fabulous new build to call home! Moving has never been easier.

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