Satellite Internet Service – It’s A Whole Lot Better than You Think

If you live or work out in the middle of nowhere, then you will have very limited choices when it comes to selecting your internet connection. Of these options, high speed satellite internet is the best beyond a shadow of a doubt and finally allows you to say goodbye to the famously glacial dial-up internet access.

Some big pros to choosing satellite internet is that the connection will be able to handle high bandwidth usage, so your internet speed and/or quality should not be affected by lots of users or “peak use times.” Additionally, you will not need a phone line for satellite internet – a major step up from dial-up. Instead, satellite internet is a wireless connection that involves three satellite dishes; one at the internet service provider’s hub, another in space, and the third one attached to your property. Cables will be required to stabilize the connections from your computer to your modem to your satellite. Once you have everything connected, your internet service provider will send the internet signal to the dish in space and then relay it to you. Every time you make a request (new page, download, send an e-mail, etc.) it is sent to the dish in space and then to the internet service provider’s hub. The complete request is then sent back through space to your dish and then to your computer.

Not only is satellite internet service up to fifty times faster than its dial-up counterpart, it is available virtually anywhere – no more using phone lines to access the internet or waiting for webpages to load. Whereas other computers must be relatively close to a land line – either directly connected via a cord or close enough to receive short-range signal from a router – computers using satellite can be hundreds of miles away from the nearest cable or telephone line.

It must be said that with the technology where it is now, satellite internet is not going to replace DSL or cable internet connections in the near future. However, it does give a high-speed internet solution to residents in remote areas. As long as there is a clear view of the southern sky, users can enjoy a high speed and always on internet connection via satellite signals. The progressive changes that can be brought about with satellite internet, bringing access to information, knowledge, online services, and communication the remote regions of the world once isolated from the modern world is unparalleled.

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