Simple Ideas to Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Routine


A carpet cleaning routine benefits each and every home. However, once you’ve implemented the basics, you can set up your carpet cleaning process by adding a few items onto your checklist. Here we’ll start with the basics, and show you what to add to make your home look and feel the best.

  1. Vacuuming like a Pro

 The first step in carpet care should always be vacuuming. This step prolongs the life of your carpet by reducing dust and preventing buildup in the fibers. For large areas, mentally divide the carpet into sections. As you slowly go over each section, look for trouble areas that may need more attention. For high traffic areas, vacuum in a criss cross pattern to catch the maximum amount of dirt and debris. To eliminate odors, add baking soda to your vacuum canister, or a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the filter. Now when you vacuum, your whole home will smell fresh!

  1. Expertly Clean Spills

 Spills are inevitable. However, they do not have to ruin or shorten the life of your carpet. Regardless of the type of spill, clean it as soon as it comes to your attention. Teach children to alert you when they make a mess, and use the opportunity to educate them on proper cleaning techniques. Blot or scrape as much as possible prior to applying a chemical cleaner. Make sure not to rub as this motion causes spreading. Also, work from the outside of the stain inwards. By doing so, you keep the stain contained as you work.

  1. Shampooing

 During the life of your carpet, it will need to be shampooed at least once a year. The necessary frequency depends greatly on your lifestyle. Look for signs that it needs to be deep cleaned such as texture or color differences, soiled circles around furniture, and dust clouds. In addition to the normal shampooing steps, add one cup of distilled white vinegar to the cleaning solution. This natural ingredient will soften your carpets as they are cleaned. Fluff the carpet and ventilate the area to speed drying. Also, do not walk on the carpet until it is fully dried.

  1. Set a Schedule

Often, the task of carpet cleaning slides to the back of our to do lists. We over look it a necessary task and say we’ll get to it another day. Avoid this by setting a carpet cleaning schedule and sticking to it! Vacuuming should be done at least weekly and perhaps daily for high traffic areas. Once a month, go around baseboards and other hard to reach places with your crevice tool. Schedule a deep cleaning such as shampooing or steaming annually, or semi-annually depending on your lifestyle and demands placed on your carpet.

By adding these simple, extra steps to your carpet cleaning routine, you will increase the life of your carpet and can go longer before replacing it. Your carpet will look and feel amazing. Don’t be alarmed when your friends and neighbors want to come lay on it all day!

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