Single Serve Coffee Makers

The modern way to make coffee is with a single serve coffee maker – these are also known as on demand brewing systems because usually they can make more than just coffee; the Nespresso® brand Citiz™ on demand coffee maker is a good example of a popular model. Like most, it uses coffee capsules which are individually sealed and contain a premeasured amount of ready-to-brew coffee. There are some models such as the Keurig® which can accept the my K-Cup® reusable tea and coffee filter – this allows you to truly customize each and every beverage but most folks prefer to use the ready-made coffee pods.

The way on demand brewing systems work is ingenious – they look somewhat like a conventional coffee maker in that they have a reservoir which accepts tap or bottled water and they require access to an electrical outlet. Unlike a conventional coffee maker they do not brew into a coffee pot or carafe; each cup is individually brewed into a cup, mug, glass or travel mug. This means there is no warming plate since the hot beverage is good to go and made on demand; it also means the coffee is never scorched, bitter or stale.

Using an on demand coffee maker means that each cup is individually made, actually brewed in one minute or less – it is fast but it is not instant coffee and it rivals anything you might get at a fancy coffee shop or cafe. It’s easy to brew regular or decaffeinated coffee and tea along with hot chocolate, cider, chai and more which makes the new on single serve coffee makers more versatile than a conventional coffee maker.

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