Tips for finding rental housing for you and your pet

Pets are family members, but not any landlord is willing to see them in his house. After all, they can make noise, make a mess, chew on furniture and demonstrate other destructive behavior. However, if you spend the time usefully and negotiate correctly, you can rent a good house or apartment.

Follow the tips from this article to learn how to find the best rentals that will suit your needs.

To begin with, you should realize why homeowners in most cases are against the invasion of tenants with their cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets.

The first and main reason is that for many landlords rental of their houses or flats is essential, if not the main source of income. And if the condition of their housing becomes worse or damaged (because of pets), it can entail an inevitable reduction in rental rates for rental housing next time which is unacceptable for them.

The second reason is that basically all the landlords do not want to spoil relations with their neighbors. And even a dog barking once a day can be the last straw, after which scandals will follow.

The third reason is the remaining hairs and pieces of peeled skin of the animal which stayed in the house before, may cause allergic reactions in subsequent tenants.

What to do if you need to rent a house, and parting with your pet is unacceptable to you?

First of all you need to understand why the owners do not want to see you as their tenants in order to put forward your counter-arguments against their arguments. But remember that the landlord sees you for the first time, and he still does not know that you are a very honest, neat and decent person, and your cat sharps its claws only on the scratching post and your dog does not fade, he is silent and obedient.

Secondly, you should consider all possible variants of rental (both in the neighboring districts and remote ones).

You should not conceal that you have got a pet. Sometimes there are cases when people decide to tell about the animal only when they meet with the landlord. Usually it ends with the categorical refusal of the latter and the time wasted by both parties.

If you suddenly made up your mind to conceal the pet and rent a house without saying a word to anyone about your animal, you will have a lot of problems with the landlord after your settling because sooner or later it will be turned out.

And it is likely to be found out when the landlord comes to check the apartment. As a result, you will face eviction, loss of commissions paid to the agency, loss of advance payment, and an unpleasant situation.

The third point of our recommendations is a confirmation of your words, not only orally, but also commitments in writing.

If you want to find appropriate variants for you and your pet, you also can view MLS Ottawa options. But you should remember it will be a bit more difficult to rent a house or a flat if you have a pet.

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