Winning Christmas: How to Make the Craziest and Best Inexpensive Presents of All Time

“It’s sort of a bummer that Christmas happens every year – almost like it would be more special if it happened only once every four years, like the World Cup. But of course, it’s a birthday that we’re celebrating, and Jesus wasn’t born on the leap year, so we celebrate every year. That means there are present to be bought or, as we’ll discuss herein, to be made. A store bought gift can be nice, and in fact, many of the best gifts are of course store bought. But to make a truly special gift, you will want to handcraft them. Depending on your family, these gifts could even go into legendary status and be the talk of all future Christmases to come. It’ll be more fun, more meaningful, and best of all, cheaper for you, to make your own gifts. Here are some crazy and fun ideas.

Make your family matching vests. What says family more than wearing matching clothing, taking a picture and uploading it to social media, and sitting back watching those likes pour in? How hilarious would it be if you made a vest for each member of the family. You can put things on the vests that are distinctive to each person, like music notes for the musician, or a gavel for the judge, or a baseball for the professional baseball player in the family. If you get a metal hole punch from The DIY Outlet you’ll be surprised at how easy vests are to make. The cloth can be had for cheap and designs found easily on the internet. Have fun and make your matching vests this year.

If you are a painter or any other kind of visual artist, it could be not only fun and inexpensive, but a great exercise to make a portrait of each family member and present these as gifts. Feel free of course to be as abstract or as expressive as you want, there’s no need to make them super literal. A hand-made portrait of yourself is always a welcome gift, and it elicits laughter, love and long term warm feelings. It’ll be a great moment at the family gathering when everyone unwraps their portrait and falls in love with it, and everyone goes around the room showing the one you made of them. Presents don’t have to be expensive if they’re fun.

Another great idea that can be inexpensive and also really fun is to make your own game. It can be a backyard game or a indoor board game. But it’s an interesting exercise to actually come up with the rules and parameters of a game from scratch. It makes you think about a lot of things. And then there are unforeseen aspects of the game, things that are harder or take longer, so make sure to get some buddies together to give the game a trial run in its beta form. If you can make the rules and premise specific to your family that would be a great way to make sure it stays firmly in family lore.

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