Wood Shutters for Our Lakeside Home

My wife and I bought a piece of property next to a lake a few years ago. Last year we had a cottage built on the property. We replaced the aging boat dock, and now have a really nice lakeside home. It is perfect for the two of us and our three pups. In picking out items to decorate it, we really liked the look of the wood shutters from Orange County Blinds. They are custom made for each window. They are installed on the inside, and you have louvered slats that open and close to control light and privacy. You can also swing them wide open.

We really like the house to be filled with light during the day, but we like full privacy at night. The wood shutters are great for this. We swing them open in the morning in the dining nook off from the kitchen. It really brightens up the area. The window faces east over the lake, and we sit and watch the sun rise over the horizon while we eat breakfast. I like the windows open and the shutters closed with the louvered slats open sometimes in the evening. It lets the evening air blow through. We turn of the AC and enjoy the cooler night air.

The shutters are so much more versatile than curtains or drapes. They also are much easier to keep clean. Instead of having to hire a professional cleaning company to come in and clean drapes, we just wipe the shutters down with dusting cloths. Since they are made of wood and are not flimsy like miniblinds, you can actually keep them clean. I remember being so frustrated with miniblinds and trying to clean them that I would give up and just replace them. Those open cell fabric shades are even worse. I’m glad we went with the wood shutters.

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